Starting on Tuesday February 7, I, with help from some friends (hopefully), will be recording an EP from scratch on Tuesday nights at 9pm. Tune in to watch the the set ups, mess ups, give ups and everything else that is studio recording.  Hopefully, we will waste a lot of time discussing life, love, loss and Skyping people in the biz for interviews in the process.  **(Season 1 is now over. HERE are the final details)**

Heres a little back story for ya:

One day I noticed a box in a back office of the local jail in Custer County Oklahoma. It said Dead Letter’s Box. Essentially, it was a box full of letters that had been mailed out from inmates in the jail to friends, family, lovers, enemies, etc. The letters were “returned to sender”, and when the letters got back to the jail, the inmates were gone… sent to prison or released to the streets.  I thought about what those letters might be full of.

I sat down one day and started writing ideas of the them. It came out easily. I had 3 songs near completion in less than a couple hours. In reviewing the songs, I started to realize they were my own feelings about life, religion and injustice disguised in the angst of an inmates letter about their own life.

I don’t release a lot of music to the public… but I love the recording process… and i love the authenticity of live streaming.  I thought this would be a fun project to live stream the process of. You can check it out HERE on the West OK Co-Op’s Facebook page, Tuesday nights at 9pm central standard starting Feb 7, 2017.